The Drawbacks of Cookies

A lot of folks are just terrified about cookies. Although there are some drawbacks of cookies it is not something to be horrified about. A cookie is just a small text file stored on your computer. It doesn’t have the capacity to do any functions or tasks on its own. After cookies get stored on your computer, they get attached to a particular web address. This can range from a simple folder to a sub-domain or even a domain.

When you return to a web page, your web browser tests out to check whether any of the cookies on your computer are applicable for the webpage you are stopping over. If there is a match, the info stored in the cookies is returned to the server. Which means a website can only get from a Cookie-Info it placed there earlier — not all that treacherous in most of the cases. So, cookies are not essentially hazardous – they can’t send out viruses or anything like that.

However, there are some drawbacks associated with cookies. Let’s have a look at them.

Although writing Cookie is a wonderful way to uphold user interaction, if the user has set browser options to notify before writing any cookie or completely disabled the cookies, then site containing cookie will be disabled totally and cannot carry out any process ensuing in loss of traffic for the site. Another problem is that of using too many Cookies. If you are writing loads of cookies for every Page Navigation and if the user has set up an option to tip off before writing cookie, this could turn him/her away from the website.

You also have security issues sometimes. Every so often user’s personal info gets amassed in cookies and when somebody hacks the cookie they can get access to private info. The corrupted cookies can also be read by various domains and this may pave way to security problems. There are sites that may write and store private info in cookies, which must not be endorsed considering all the privacy related issues.

How to Chuck out Dodgy Cookies

Unless you have the uppermost Internet security levels on your computer, you cannot keep away from internet cookies totally. On the other hand, there are ways to diminish the problems these internet cookies may perhaps bring about. One way to be extra safe is to go to your Internet options and use the “Delete Cookies” choice every time you are about to close down your browser. If you don’t like deleting all the cookies there, you can use an antivirus to detect the cookies and be aware of them. You can also use any trusted online scanning tool that will inform you about the various cookies that are present on your computer.