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What to Eat Before and After Workouts

So you have no idea what to eat before and after those long tedious workouts to maximize your muscle development? Well, when it comes to reaching that perfect body, every little step counts, and an important step is your diet.When you are on a working out to get those perfect pecks, sexy shoulders, and rock hard abs, an important factor is what you put into your body to fuel it. The first thing you must do is try to limit foods high in fat, things like fried and fast food. Second eat as much lean proteins throughout the day as possible, things like egg whites and grilled chicken breast are great choices. I really prefer whole foods but when it comes to protein shakes and protein bars, make sure if they are high in calories that you use them before a workout. This way the calories will be burnt off during the workout instead of being converted to fat.

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When it comes to eating before a workout, its best to eat something fairly high in complex carbohydrates, and then a simple carbohydrates right after your workout. What are these simple and complex carbohydrates you may ask? They are foods that are converted into sugar in your blood stream to form glucose. Complex carbs just take much longer for this process to take place then simple carbs. You may be asking why exactly we need these glucose forming molecules? Well, they are very important in our bodily functions especially providing energy. Therefore the best time for loading up on complex carbs is before a workout to provide energy for your workout, then a simple carb right after your workout to provide a quick refill of your glycogen stores.

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You need to find what works for you, but I find a nice big bowl of oatmeal about half hour before my workout, and then either grapes, a banana or a handful or grapes afterwards, does it for me.It really is just finding what works for you, but if you follow those guidelines you will surely get results that much faster.